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Nowadays the main element that makes the competition between organizations and distinguishes leading companies from others, perhaps is nothing more than a quality products or services and also high customer satisfaction.Companies survival depends on the satisfaction and support of their customers and each of the leading organizations constantly seek to preserve their status always seek to achieve customers' satisfaction, leading their customers' needs.Acquiring new customers requires comprehensive planning and integrated set of activities and with regard to the development of competitive markets in the world and its impact on the economy and considering the importance of high quality services for production companies, the need for integrated systems related to customers services is very important.

It is obvious that the increase of customer satisfaction level relative to customer service of the company, is important factor to convert existing customers into loyal customers and attract new customers.

Some of usage capabilities of Payesh Customers Services Software can includes the possibility of classifying defects, breakdown causes and delay causes in carried out activities and thus the possibility of data analysis will become available.alsothe failure problems of any devices models and in its various parts can be control which sometimes leads to interesting results because a large share of percent of total device problems related to the failure of a small piece of that device.

Also dynamic reporting capabilities of Payesh Customers Services can be used to study and analyze the activities, failures, actions and all parameters defined in the software at related sectors for example service requests, work orders, devices guaranties, response time to customers, Repairs time,... in four dimension of information.

with defining and saving the device files or any documentation / specifications of any format, device parts maps(according to the definition of the tree structure), Payesh Customers Service software allow the archiving technical documentation provided as an integrated system.passiblity to link with warehouse system and integration of information in different units of company for examle management, guarantee, contracts, marketing and sales,trade and network based usage with users management and difinition of access levels are the some advantages of using Payesh Customers Services software.

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