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Payesh Sofwares License

License file is a text file with a specific format that the purchased software use it for validation and preparation of the software to the user.

Due to sophisticated algorithms, specific and non-repetition of each license file, it is necessary to explain that this file created under the certain information security conditions, so any change in the license file contents make sure the invalidity of license file and its activation will not be accepted by related software. In case of loss of license files, this file will not be usable in other network environments.

With regard to the delivery of mdpco products and services through the internet, to deliver softwares and intelligent services globaly , currently available license types are as follows:

License Activation

After installation of downloaded software, for software activation, purchased licenses introduced to Software (at the time of license activation, the software must be connected to the Internet) and all of necessery processes will be done automatically and intelligently by software.
In the last step of license activation and also from software related menus, the information about purchased license will be displayed to the user.

License Validation

Validation of purchased licenses will be done by the software during the installation and activation of software through internet.
Note: The activation of the software is quite smart and all steps including database installation and clients communication with the server will be provided. Due to the nature of the license file security and impossibility to provide the file at second time, correct keeping of the file is very important.

License Renewal

In All license Types except Permanent Licenses,According to purchased license and registered necessary information to create license, in order to facilitate the Issuance of new licenses, license renewal service for a year or more with the same information is available. Obviously, in change of the License Data Including server or clients For new license, you should use normal process at online shopping menu » Purchase Software License item.

Permanent license

License that does not require annual renewal for software usage.this type of license after the first year from the date of issue, for software update and use of support services ,need to buy support services.

Periodic Licenses

In this license type,software usability is possible at license validity period. Obviously after validity period, software usability is not possible and a new license must be purchased from the site. In this type of license for software updates and support services, need not to be paid for services listed above during the license validity period.

Currently periodic licenses is provided in different types as follows:

  • 6 Months Licenses
  • 1 Year Licenses
  • 2 Years Licenses
  • 3 Years Licenses

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